7QT- Everything Under The Sun

1. I took Bridget in for her two month well baby visit this week and everything is fine, except her terrible eczema and cradle cap. Her pediatrician thinks it may be an intolerance to cow’s milk so I’m off the dairy for now. The lack of half and half in my morning coffee is killing me. I am currently using Silk Almond milk creamer, and it’s okay but a little too sweet for me. Several people have recommended So Delicious coconut creamer, so I’ll try that next. All I can think about is cheese plates and Kerrygold butter. Did you know that English muffins have milk in them?  Selfishly, I’m hoping this will jump start some weight loss since the post partum scale is not budging.

2. Being a “retired” teacher, you would think that I would be on top of preschool application deadlines and the like. But you would think wrong. We are totally behind the 8 ball on this. I’m torn on what to do. There is one program I want him in, a Catholic Montessori school, but it’s 25-30 minutes away. There’s a little neighborhood preschool about a mile away that I went and looked at on Friday and it was fine, but I wasn’t blown away. But we could walk. I’m waffling back and forth between putting him in the Catholic Montessori program and just accepting that I don’t have time to come home during his school day and plan to do errands or shopping over there, but am I going to hate my life if I need to have two kids in the car by 7:30 am everyday? Should I just go with the close and easy neighborhood preschool even though I wasn’t as impressed with that one? Annnnd applications are due this week so I need to make this decision stat.

3. I know the basics of Montessori education and am familiar with some of Maria Montessori’s philosophy but since Will may be going to a Montessori school next year, I decided to join in on the Montessori 101 group’s year long study/guided tour using three of Montessori’s books. My inner nerd is loving it.

4. Kelly recommended Ina’s beef bourguignon recently. I made it this week and I concur! It’s super easy, mostly hands off, and came out delicious. Good enough for company but the 2-year old packed it away without hesitation. I made it before receiving the bad news about dairy so now I’m trying to think of how to replace the butter in the recipe.

5. The return to running hasn’t gone so well, mostly because it’s too cold for taking the kids in the BOB (I’d be fine with just bundling Will, but Bridget is too little to be out there in freezing temps) and the husband’s work schedule doesn’t allow for it during the week. So, he graciously agreed to let me buy a treadmill for the basement. I’m doing some research but would love any recommendations on models. Probably looking to keep it under $2,000 and need something with a locking/safety mechanism. This one maybe?

6. We finally paid someone to hang the TV above the fireplace and the visual difference now that there’s no longer wires hanging everywhere is striking. So, do I decorate this mantle? Leave it clean and bare? (For reference, we are having the room painted white and will likely paint the brick as well.)


Doesn’t the sifter hanging out on the right look chic?

7. I’ve had simple, white linen window panels on my list for the living room but it hasn’t been a top priority since we put in blinds right away, and had to buy a large rug, and pay to hang the TV, and still need two side tables and a secretary desk for this room. This afternoon, a woman sent an email to our neighborhood listserv offering up four white, linen, fully lined Pottery Barn panels in the perfect length for our living room. Best believe I jumped on that immediately! The husband picked them up this evening and they’ve even been freshly dry cleaned. This score might be the most exciting thing to happen to me in the last month. Pictures coming just as soon as I can get the husband to hang them.

Go see Kelly for more!



One thought on “7QT- Everything Under The Sun

  1. Glad you liked the recipe!

    The preschool decision is hard! I would probably stick closer to home unless I had a baby that didn’t mind being in the car that long. Or depending on how badly you want him at a Montessori school.

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