{SQT} The Plague Edition

1. It appears the plague is not done with us yet. I heard a suspicious noise coming from Will’s room around 11:00 last night, while I was trying to nurse little Miss Night Owl to sleep. I sent the husband in there and sure enough, Will threw up all over the crib again. The husband bathed him and changed him and put him in bed with me to snuggle while he went to clean Will’s room up. I’m sure you’re smarter than me and can see where this is going. Yup. He threw up in our bed. Happily, Bridget was taking a 20 minute cat nap so I bathed Will again while the husband got to work on the second bed change/room-Lysoling of the evening. It was a fabulous night’s sleep with Will in between us and Bridget in the co-sleeper and me frantically using hand sanitizer everytime Bridget woke up and I had to nurse her. At 5, Will decided he was a “Hungry boy! Hungry boy!” and urgently needed saltines. Ahh, I love the feel of saltine crumbs in my sheets. Now I am starting to feel sick. If it were possible, I would wonder if I was pregnant, that’s how exhausted and queasy I am.

2. I had my 6 week post partum visit with the midwife this morning. Everything looks good and she cleared me to start running. Just as soon as I shake the plague.

3. Since I’m just a barrel of laughs lately, there’s more fun news. You may remember that Will tested positive for one of the gene mutations associated with cystic fibrosis as part of his routine infant screening through the state. (There are two mutations. Children that have only one of them have cystic fibrosis approximately 2-3% of the time.) Happily, Will is healthy and doesn’t have CF. Unfortunately, Bridget also tested positive for one mutation. We found out Tuesday and I took her in for the “sweat test” that identifies the disease itself yesterday. We had to haul all the way back down to Children’s for the test, and I didn’t have childcare for Will, so he had to come along. I’ll spare you the details on what a debacle it was. Let me just note that I forgot the damned nipple shield, Bridget screamed and screamed and refused to latch without it, and Will poured his raisins out all over the floor and then ate them off the hospital floor while I was occupied with Bridget during the test. (Which, come to think of it, probably has something to do with the plague situation.) Anyway, we should have results from Bridget’s test next week. Prayers for her health are much appreciated.

My sweet, hungry little thing. Also, I look ten years older than I am in this picture.

4. Having been in the hospital 3 days of the last week, and seen so many very sick babes and their families, I cannot stop thinking about what it would be like to have a seriously and chronically ill child. Their (and your) whole life is consumed by hospitals and tests and doctors. Last week, I attended the funeral for the son of a friend from high school, who had a rare and fatal genetic disorder. Sweet Jack was only 3 months old. He spent his whole life in the hospital and never came home to the nursery my friends had prepared for him. But he was so loved by his parents who went to him every single day, prayed for his doctors and nurses and healing, and cherished him as their beloved son. I cannot imagine carrying that cross and my friends’ love for their little boy is such a lesson to me in unconditional and sacrificing love.

5. Bridget’s baptism is this Sunday. Her godparents fly in from Chicago and LA this evening. I pray we are all better (or at least not vomiting) for the big day.

6. I am obsessed with Petite Soul’s Bandit Cap. That little elfin tip! Alas, they’re all sold out. But my friend Maggie tagged me in their Instagram comments yesterday and they are releasing a new, terry Bandit next month. I can’t wait to buy Bridget allthebonnets.

7. I’m running out of steam, Bridget wants me to pay attention to her, and Will is waking up. So go check out Kelly’s for some hilarious quick takes on quitting the internet.




5 thoughts on “{SQT} The Plague Edition

  1. You always know how to have a good time! I nearly cried laughing when I read about Will eating the raisins off the hospital floor. We’ve all been there, my friend! You are my hero and prayers are being said for Bridget’s test results.

  2. Oh hugs, mama! We have been there for the tests and the hospitals and the waiting and worrying. It really does put it into perspective when you want to whine about it, but none of our children have needed any hospitalizations or surgeries or anything, so we have been very fortunate. Prayers for B! (And yeah, having newborns with sick older kids around is THE WORST!)

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