Life With Bridget

Almost 4 weeks in and we are starting to settle into a new routine with our sweet girl. Granted that routine involves embarrassing amounts of screen time for the toddler and a constant stream of snacks to keep him occupied, but I’m hopeful about phasing that out in January. And also hopeful that less screen time will mean the husband and I stop walking around humming Daniel Tiger songs, even in the absence of our children.

I realized pretty quickly that Bridget had tongue and lip ties, and we had them revised when she was a week old. Since then, we’ve had some difficulties with nursing/latching but we’re pushing through and seeing the lactation consultant again this week. (More on that later.)

Other than that, Bridget has been a sweet, easy-going baby so far. She doesn’t really cry unless she’s hungry, she cooed all the way through her first bath, she adores her rock n play (although she hates the swing), and she graciously tolerates her big brother’s not-so-gentle expressions of affection. She is just so sweet and snuggly, she makes me want to have 100 babies. She smiled at me for the first time yesterday and I melted. We are smitten with our girl!




5 thoughts on “Life With Bridget

  1. Pretty sure I’ve said the exact same thing since Zelie arrived, about wanting the 100 more babies! 🙂 Seriously, again, I could have written this post!! Nursing difficulties but otherwise an easy-going baby… Anyway, I’m so happy for you!! Yay!!!

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