Bridget’s Birth Story, Part I

Bridget’s due date was December 1st, but Will was born at 39 + 2 and everyone knows that second babies come earlier and faster (duh) so I was very prepared for a Thanksgiving baby. Actually, the weekend before Thanksgiving would have been ideal for the husband being at home as long as possible but I figured we’d certainly have a baby by Thanksgiving day. (I’m sure you can see where this is going…)

Thanksgiving came, no baby. All of Thanksgiving weekend passed, and still no baby.

Let me back up for a minute and revisit Will’s birth. The short version of the story is that my water broke at about 11 pm, and I had Will in my arms at 2 am. It was intense. When you tell people you had a 3 hour labor, they like to tell you how lucky you are. Yes, it is nice not to suffer through days of a prolonged labor. However, a 3 hour labor involves no gradual ramp up of intensity. It’s basically an all out sprint from the first moment. Also, being in transition in the car on the drive to the hospital is….not good. So, Will’s birth was kind of a scary and panicked experience for us.

Anyway, at my appointment on the Monday after Thanksgiving, (39 + 6), the midwife told me I was 2 cm dilated, 60 % effaced, and that baby was at -1. The husband and I were both really anxious about me going into labor at rush hour, leaving us with a 45 minute drive to the hospital, or about having to pack Will into the car in the middle of the night and have my parents meet us at the hospital to pick him up. She gave us the option of having my water broken Tuesday morning to get things moving since I’d be 40 weeks and I have a history of precipitous labor. Generally, I am of the leave-well-enough-alone school of thought when it comes to pregnancy and childbirth and I kind of think when you start interfering unnecessarily it creates a waterfall effect. However, we were both so anxious about the possibilities for disastrous times to go into labor that we decided to go for it. The midwife went ahead and called the hospital for us and scheduled us to arrive Tuesday morning at 6 am and the husband went into the office to tie up some loose ends.

Will was hanging out at my parents’ house during my appointment so I called them to let them know what was going on. My mom told me not to worry about Will, that they would keep him, so I went back to our house to wash the dirty laundry, take out the trash, grab our bags, and pack up the dogs to bring them to my parents’ house. The husband met me at my parents’ after work and we spent the night there so that we wouldn’t have to wake Will up at the crack of dawn. We put Will down at his usual bedtime and then went out to dinner just the two of us as a last date night before baby.

After dinner, we went to bed early. The husband passed out immediately and I laid there obsessing about whether or not we made the right decision, how much it was going to hurt, etc. I finally fell asleep and at about midnight I heard Will awake and calling for me. Whyyyyyyyy do they have a radar for when you really, really need some sleep? Anyway, I got him and brought him into bed with me and snuggled him until he fell back asleep. An hour and a half later, I successfully transferred him back into his own bed and managed to sleep for a few hours before the 5 am alarm.

(Will is waking from his nap, so this will be continued…)


2 thoughts on “Bridget’s Birth Story, Part I

  1. Currently 39+2, so your quick timing posting this is much appreciated 🙂 but CLIFFHANGER!! Gahhh. Can’t wait to see the rest!

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