Into the house and waiting on baby…

Happily, we got moved into the new house last weekend and the baby did not decide to arrive on moving day. The movers emptied out our storage unit Saturday morning and brought it all to the house, while the husband and I each brought a carload full of our clothes and everyday items that were at my parents’ house. My parents generously watched Will all day Saturday and Sunday so we could frantically unpack, set up bedrooms, go grocery shopping, and wash the many loads of sheets and towels that have been in a storage unit for 10 months.

The beds are assembled and have sheets on them, the furniture is in the right rooms, the bathrooms and kitchen are unpacked and functional, and clothes are in dressers and closets. Oh, and the playroom is kind of set up. Beyond that, things don’t look that different than they did here:

(Also, please try not to be too, too jealous of that *fabulous* border in the dining room.) The basement currently serves as what the husband calls our “staging area.” Dumping ground is probably more accurate but lawyers are good with spin like that.;)

Will’s favorite feature in the house is the old mail slot in the front door through which he waves at passersby and cannot understand their failure to see, notice and wave back.


We are slowly plugging away at the (many) remaining boxes and tasks. Even though I have zero motivation, I know that I won’t be able to do anything once the baby arrives, so it’s better to just keep pushing through right now.

Speaking of baby’s arrival, Will was born at 39 + 2, so I was convinced this baby would TOTALLY be here by now (39 + 5). Mmm hmm. Every morning, I think, “Who cares about dinner? I’ll be having a baby by tonight so I won’t have to make it.” And then I keep not having a baby and having to make dinner instead. While I am VERY grateful not to have given birth on moving day, I’m ready to go ahead and get this show on the road. Here’s a photo of us outside the new house last Sunday. Here’s hoping my next post has an external baby in a similar shot!





3 thoughts on “Into the house and waiting on baby…

  1. So HAPPY for you guys that you are finally moved in! What a blessing, seriously. And nowwww BABY TIME! (PS- Will waving to the people through the mail slot made me LOL.)

  2. I think I missed a post… because I thought you didnt get the house, but YAY!! you did! And you are there and your baby is being considerate! So happy things are working out! Don’t kill yourself unpacking (if you are still pregnant!)

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