Will is 2!

Will turned two about a week ago. The poor child did not get a real birthday party, 1. because inviting people to a party at your parents’ house is embarrassing and 2. because baby/house/move/etc.

However, Will got more presents than most children get in a lifetime (from other people!). His mean parents just got him this little KidKraft kitchen. It is adorable and he loves it, but my. God. The assembly is no joke. Also, I recommend you do not wait until two days before your child’s birthday to open the box. Because then you’ll discover that your son’s kitchen is pink, your husband will throw a fit about having allowed you to buy him a kitchen in the first place, and you’ll bond with the customer service rep whom you have to harass into overnighting you a new one. Anyway.

He also got those adorable metal Melissa & Doug pots and pans, but they’ve since been confiscated due to repeated and unrepentant smashing of said pots and pans into Nana and Babu’s cabinets and furniture. He’s currently working with Tupperware and a wooden spoon.


We also did a family day at the zoo, which he loved, probably due in part to the fact that he got a hot dog and potato chips. I can’t believe my little boy is 2 and about to be a big brother! We are trying to relish our last days as a little family of 3, despite the chaos of this time.

Because I am a fabulous mother, I somehow managed to delete all the zoo and birthday dinner/cake pictures off my phone. That reminds me, though, that the pictures were terrible and my New Year’s resolution this year is to learn to use our DSLR properly and to actually get it out and use it regularly. Any tips or recommendations for online Intro to Taking Your Good Camera Out of Automatic and Actually Using It classes?


2 thoughts on “Will is 2!

  1. Pinterest! Search Pinterest for some camera/photography tutorials and then practice on your lovable subject matter 🙂

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