We have a contract!

After my constant harassment of St. Joseph, St. Jude, and Our Lady of Loreto, we have happy news on the house front- on Sunday night we got two offers, and we are under contract for asking price! Hallelujah! When we got the news and signed the contract, I felt like the weight of the world had lifted off my shoulders.

Both potential buyers were in the house on Sunday afternoon and we think they must have been there at the same time and seen one another. One couple were walking through for the third time, the other for the first. We had offers from both a couple of hours later. When it rains, it pours! Both offers were actually great, very competitive offers but one was slightly better so we went with that one. After the amount of time this project has taken and then feeling so anxious when the house took almost two months on the market to get a contract, it was validating to know that it’s been worth our time and that our pricing expectations weren’t crazy.

Things are moving forward quickly with that closing, and although the closing date we were originally given is December 17th (our anniversary!), it’s looking like we’ll probably close before then, possibly before the end of this month. With that in mind, we’ve re-engaged with the seller of the house here that we previously had under contract. We’re trying to negotiate a situation where we can move in now and not wait until we get to closing. It’s looking like things might work out and we might be able to move in on Friday. You know, two weeks before my due date. Easy breezy.

Although we are obviously stressed about the ticking clock here, we are so, so grateful that we are under contract and have a backup offer in our pocket. Just knowing we are not going to be living with my parents indefinitely and, in the words of my husband, still “being that forty year-old guy that lives with his in-laws” in a huge relief. Now, we are just pushing forward at full speed ahead, attempting to get into the house before this little one joins us on the outside.


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