Adventures at The Pumpkin Patch

In an effort to forget about our current housing situation, we took a family trip to the pumpkin patch on Saturday. They had a Pumpkin Festival going on, which was really fun with Will. It was one of those perfect fall days: crystal blue sky, crisp but not cold, bright sun- just gorgeous!


When we first arrived, we did a pony ride. The husband was convinced that Will would be scared and cry and not want to do it, but I knew he would take after his mama and love it. 😉 The whole time his pony plodded in a circle, he kept shrieking, “Pony! Neigh! Pony! Neigh!” and slapping it’s neck. He was definitely too cool for his chaperoning mother and pretended I wasn’t there as best he could.

IMG_5831 IMG_5835

The pony ride was a huge success overall, however doing it first was a major rookie move because he spent the rest of the morning demanding, “More pony ridey! More pony ridey!”

Alas, Mama and Daddy were too cheap to spring for more pony rideys, so he had make do with a giant wooden play structure shaped like a castle, exploring with Daddy, driving the big tractor, and a hayride.


IMG_5778 IMG_5780

Family hayride selfie fail:


Apple cider donuts were a big hit, and gave him the sugar energy boost needed to go visit the animals and educate his fellow pumpkin patch goers on the noises made by various barnyard creatures. 

Goats say, “Mehhhh,” fyi.IMG_5804

We finished up by actually picking our pumpkins. Will was enthusiastic about pushing the wheelbarrow, but less enthusiastic about leaving to go home.


Our pumpkins are outside the front door, and every time we come in or out, he proudly declares, “Pupkin! Blue pupkin!” We’ll keep working on those colors.


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