The Publishing Process Continued

So, as you can see I have TOTALLY been all over my blogging game lately and really managed to keep up with the whole, I’m-in-the-second-trimester-now-so-I-can-do-all-the-things promise.

I really don’t know how people write a book and keep up a blog on a daily basis. Just from a time management perspective, I can’t do it. And by the time I’ve frantically tip-tapped away at the keyboard during nap time before the sand runs out a.ka. Willebeast awakes, I’m done with trying to write something coherent for the day.

Anyway, progress on the book continues. After returning the contract to the publisher, I heard from my editor who had some specific guidelines on where they wanted the book to go from here. I had kind of forgotten that the publisher hadn’t seen a complete manuscript yet, only two sample chapters and a table of contents. The husband had to remind me of that fact. Whoops. Anyway, the editor’s comments actually asked for a manuscript that is about 10,000 words longer than the length the publisher had suggested when responding to my initial submission. She also had some requests about demographics of the saints/blesseds/venerables featured in the book and a specific format that they wanted for each chapter that was a bit different from how I originally wrote it. She asked me to have it back to her by Labor Day weekend, but I am really bound and determined to move this along as expeditiously as I can right now since the next four months will feature the sale of a home in Atlanta, the purchase of a home here in DC, moving all our stuff out of storage and into the home, and also giving birth to a new small human.

I was fortunate not to have to completely scrap any of the chapters I had written in the last draft. (There were some that had been scrapped from the original submission but the re-write I did seems to have been at least on the right track.) I did need to expand on what I had to bump up the word count, so I spent some more time researching some of the more obscure figures I wrote about. It’s easy to just start adding sentences here and there, but I wanted to make sure I was actually adding to the value and content of the book and not just padding the manuscript a la college term paper. I think this last re-write added to the catechetical value of the book. Since I had 10,000 more words to work with, I was able to really do some more explicit catechesis on the virtues and to put the stories in each chapter into context with an Appendix of super short mini-biographies. I had already (completely by accident) achieved a table of contents that was pretty gender balanced. The editor did want to make sure I had enough “big name” saints for reader recognition and that the saints used were geographically diverse. I definitely hit the diversity target but of course had to compromise on the name recognition factor a bit to do so. So we’ll see what she says about that after reading the manuscript. I sent in the draft last week and she promised to get back to me as soon as possible, although she did tell me there are several other authors whose titles are ahead of mine on the schedule. In the meantime, I’m just waiting to hear back about what further changes and edits need to be made.

Completely unrelated but since all blog posts are supposed to have pictures, here is cute Will at his first hair cut:


(Please note that he could not possible care less that his hair is being cut as he is sitting in a firetruck, watching an animated program on TV, and shoving his chipmunk cheeks full of animal crackers.)


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