A return to the land of the living

So, I haven’t blogged in about 89 million years. But! I have a good excuse!


I’ve been very exhausted and nauseous busy cooking this little Peanut, who is due in late November.


I think I had blocked how exhausted and sick I was during pregnancy, because I keep feeling surprised at how crappy I’m feeling this go ’round. Except I don’t think I am actually more fatigued or pukey than I was last time. I think I just have selective memory. Every once in awhile I’ll have a good day and think things are taking a turn for the better and then the next day, I will get kicked in the teeth with a reminder that no, they are not and I need to just hunker down for the next 26 weeks. Except, I really do think that maybe I am feeling a little better now. I’m still wiped out after doing really strenuous activities like making breakfast, and that gaggy feeling in the back of the throat persists, but I haven’t actually thrown up in several weeks and I am finding myself capable of acting moderately social once again. Hallelujah!

Because I am certifiably insane, I drove Will down to Atlanta for a week, despite the first trimester misery. He got to visit his old haunts, like Candler Park and Piedmont Park.

IMG_4719 IMG_4769

We checked on the progress of our house construction, which should be done in about another month.

IMG_4737 We also visited with lots of friends, including Sylvia and her sweet girls. (Although, I shamefully neglected to capture said visit with any photos.) Sylvia graciously had us over for lunch, despite being a million weeks pregnant. Will expressed his gratitude by eating more pizza than her three girls combined, turning every object in her house into a sword, and nearly giving himself a concussion by attempting to run full speed off every elevated surface in her backyard.

After we returned to Maryland, we went to visit Grammy and Babu’s house on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay. Will hated riding on Babu’s tractor with him, obviously.


(Safety sticklers, fear not. The mower was off and the tractor was moving roughly 60 feet per hour.)

Here’s hoping I am back to blogging (semi) regularly. I actually got some really exciting news last week (not as exciting as Peanut, but still pretty exciting) and I am looking forward to sharing about it!


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