Finally! Spring is (kind of) here! Cherry Blossom Festival and Brookside Gardens

My mother-in-law came to town to visit us Will (let’s be honest) and the weather was shockingly cooperative for most of her visit. On Saturday morning, we picked her up at the airport and took the Metro across the river and into town for the Cherry Blossom Festival (along with a bazillion of our closest friends). By a stroke of good luck, it was peak bloom day and the weather was sunny and in the 60s. Poor Will did not have a nap all day because he is a crazy extroverted baby who does not sleep when other people are around. But on the plus side, he got to enjoy a gorgeous afternoon in his stroller




On Monday, we took Will over to Brookside Gardens with both Grandmas. Little man is so ridiculously spoiled, he refused to get in the stroller or walk and Grammy carried him most of the way. Grammy is a lot nicer than Mama.

IMG_4577 IMG_4580 IMG_4582 IMG_4584

Here’s hoping spring is here to stay, wherever you are!


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