What We’ve Been Up To

I’ve not been blogging because I mostly want to go through my litany of grievances regarding the weather/price of DC real estate/etc which no one wants to hear about. Instead, let’s talk what we’ve been up to. 

We bought a Lenten cactus at Home Depot. I’m confident Will understands the symbolism and has internalized it. And has definitely not internalized my shrieking, “No! Don’t touch! Sharp!” 

See? He’s gotten so holy, doubtless as a result of my superb catechesis, that he blesses himself with water from the dog bowl. 

There’s been snow. A lot of it. It’s mostly melted now but I’m still kind of traumatized. 

We visited Daddy at work. 

Will discovered a talent for Stevie Wonder impressions. 

And he went on a wagon ride with his cousin. 

We’re planning for his first Harley. Maybe for his second birthday? 

Poor baby boy has a cold and is totally miserable right now. Such a change from his usual happy self. 

We are ready to be done with winter and move on to spring! Here’s hoping he’s well enough to go to his playgroup’s St. Patrick’s day celebration this week. 


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