SQTs- Atlanta Bucket List


Since we’re moving to DC at the end of the month (tear), we’ve been working on an Atlanta Bucket List, and started checking off a few items.

1. Food. What can I say? We like to eat.

On our dinner list is Bacchanalia, Atlanta’s best restaurant. Sotto Sotto is also a must, as it’s my favorite restaurant. We also hit up Kevin Rathbun Steak, Iberian Pig, Grindhouse Burgers, Bhojanic Indian fusion, and Fritti. I’d like to go to Holeman and Finch too but time is running short and it may not happen. Since there is a dearth of good breakfast “up north,” we are on a breakfast biscuit binge. We went to Homegrown the day after Thanksgiving and we still need to get to Highland Bakery. Flying Biscuit is totally overrated, but it’s an Atlanta classic and the original is around the corner from our house (literally), so I feel like we should go.

2. Piedmont Park. I lived two blocks from the park before I got married, have run there more times than I can count, and it is one of Atlanta’s most beautiful spots. We went over there last weekend and took the dogs to the dog park area and walked around a bit.

photo 1

3. The Beltline. This is one of my favorite things about Atlanta. I’ve watched it evolve since I first moved here almost 8 years ago. My friend and I use to trail run on it when it was just an old train track bed through the woods, and I run with Will on the paved path now. 

4. North Georgia Mountains. Technically this isn’t Atlanta per se, but the North Georgia mountains are just a quick drive away. We took Will for a short hike outside Dahlonega and had planned to walk around Dahlonega as well, but the natives (native?) got restless and we had to head home.


(Please disregard the fact that I appear to be 15 weeks pregnant in this photo. To the best of my knowledge, I am not any weeks pregnant. Unless you could a food baby. Who is apparently of gestational age 15 weeks.)

5. The Cathedral of Christ the King. We got married at CTK and Will was baptized there. It is our parish but Will’s nap schedule has been rather…”unpredictable” lately so we’ve mostly been going to Mass at a parish closer to us. We will definitely attend Christmas Day Mass at CTK though.


6. Botanical Gardens Holiday Lights. We are Garden members, so I took Will to see the Holiday Lights display with my dear friend Nicole and her little girl, Olivia. Will was entranced by the lights! His responsible mother had him home and in bed at the appropriate hour of 9:45 pm.


7. Friends! Of course. Will’s friends Ruthie, Rosie and Wren came over for a Chick-Fil-A and play date. (And Mama got to hang out with her friend while the kiddos played!)

photo 2

I had a girls night at Barcelona Wine Bar this week and the husband has been fishing with his buddies. On Tuesday night, I have a last hurrah with a couple of my closest friends.

Had we had longer lead time on this move, we also would have done Savannah, St. Simons Island, Athens and a Georgia game, another Braves game (I guess that one would also be dependent on it not being winter), and another Falcons game. Unfortunately, the quick turn around and time of year are making it really hard to get everything in.

Edited to add: I started this post two weeks ago. Since then, we’ve actually checked most of it off. But because of the packing insanity, accompanied by a child who is, helpfully, very much in the dump-and-fill developmental stage, it takes me two weeks to finish a blog post.

I keep thinking about trying to write about this move and how I feel about it, but I still just can’t put it into words. I’m either in denial or crying.

I moved to Atlanta almost 8 years ago. I knew essentially no one. 8 years later, I have built a whole life here. Friends, a neighborhood, parish, favorite spots, a gym I’ve been working out at with the same people for years, “my” Target and dry cleaner and post office and Publix. (Oh, how I will mourn the loss of Publix.) Atlanta feels like home now, and DC no longer does. And yet, I’m about to leave Atlanta to return to DC. I can’t believe this chapter is over. I’m not ready for it to be over and at the same time, I think this is the right decision for our family.

Atlanta, I love you and I will miss you and I’m already negotiating with my husband to visit his family over the July 4th holiday so I can run the Peachtree.



One thought on “SQTs- Atlanta Bucket List

  1. We will miss you so much! We must plan a trip to DC soon! And you look no weeks pregnant, you hush. I am waiting for this mildly chubby stage of pregnancy to be over, personally. Ugghhh.

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