We’re learning a new meaning to the phrase “holiday rush” in our house…

Apparently I don’t blog anymore. I have a good excuse though! The husband has been traveling Sunday night through Thursday night every week for a month. When I finally get little man into his cage beloved crib home every night, all I want to think about is a big glass of red wine and possibly a hot bath. I know, I know…there are many mamas with many more children who somehow manage to swing this gig with husbands traveling for work or deployed or whatever, but what can I say? I am weak.

Recent developments in our house make it appear that a lot more red wine will be consumed in the coming month. The husband was offered an really amazing job opportunity last week. And it’s in DC. And he starts in a month. And we’re moving between Christmas and New Year’s. And my husband is working at his current job until the day before we leave. Also, did I mention we are quite a ways down the path with a major home remodel/construction project that we must go forward with because of the enormous amount of money we’ve already spent?

So, I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’ve got to get this house packed, line up movers, finish up the last of the delightful permitting process with the city to begin construction on the house, find a new pediatrician for Will and doctors for the husband and I, get the utilities turned off in the appropriate time frame, etc. Thanks be to God my parents live in the DC area and are generously allowing us to temporarily move in with them. If I had to find a pet friendly rental with a fenced yard in this time frame I think I would actually lose my mind.

Beyond all the practical logistics of the move, I am heartbroken about leaving Atlanta. I’ve been here for almost 8 years. I bought my first house (fine, condo), adopted my dog Bradley, met and married the husband, and had baby Will here. I have amazing friends and love our neighborhood. I kind of thought Atlanta would be our forever home. And now we are leaving it all behind. We have been simultaneously crossing off and adding to our “Atlanta bucket list.”

In general, I am a hot weepy mess. I cried at the playground earlier this week while Will played with my friend’s three boys and I chatted with her and some other moms. The playground was packed with moms and little kids, even during the middle of the day on a Monday and Will was having a ball crawling through the mud, attempting to keep up with my friend’s 4 year old as they climbed up the slide, and wave-shrieking at every big kid that crossed his line of sight. And all I could think about was leaving my friends and their kids who are becoming Will’s little friends, and moving to a neighborhood where no one is home during the day and you need a car to do anything.


I cried when we took Will to Fritti, site our our first actual date and our rehearsal dinner. I cried when I stopped in Candler Park Market to buy a bottle of wine. I also want to cry (or just win the lottery) when perusing DC real estate. I am so, so proud of my husband for getting this job and I am really excited for him to move into this new role. But I just wish he could do it here.

In a display of mature Christian charity, I have been maybe bitching a little bit about how I can’t do Advent and Christmas the way I want as we are preparing to move. I can only have one nativity set out. We are just using the small fake tree from my condo since we are leaving just a few days after Christmas Day. No lights on the house because we have neither the time to put them up nor take them down. But maybe this is a chance to do Advent and Christmas as the Holy Family did- in uncertainty, on the move, with virtually no personal belongings, and the only accommodations they could find. This sounds a lot holier than the reality since my pity party and complaining mostly continues and I am aware that my parents’ five bedroom brick home in a nice neighborhood is not exactly a cave lacking in central heat and used to house animals. But sometimes when I complain and feel sorry for myself, I do remember to think about the Holy Family traveling to Bethlehem. So, progress! Right?

If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll share our Atlanta Bucket List soon. I like to keep everyone on the edge of their seats here. 😉


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