Seven Quick Birthday Takes

1. Will turned one yesterday. My little 7 lb. burrito has turned into a toddler.

photo 1-5IMG_2747

2. Like: pancakes, meatloaf, being naked, swings, watching the laundry, waving, socializing, and the ladies.

photo 4-3



3. Dislikes: broccoli, Indian food, people who ignore him, Halloween costumes, and going to Mass.

photo 2-5 photo 1-6



4. Will is my best running partner ever. He likes cruising along in the BOB and he giggles hysterically when I look in on him through the “window” on the top. Of course, he does require me to push him up the hills, which no other running partner ever has, but he’s cute so I’ll let it go.

photo 3-3

5. His first two teeth are coming in (finally!), he is cruising around the furniture and getting into everything, such as the wine glasses and the toilet.

photo 4-2 photo 2-3


6. He says, “Mamamama” and “Dada” but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t mean us. He’s just making noise. So I keep saying, “Mama! Mama!” while smacking my chest. Any day now. Any. Day.

photo 5-2


7. Happy birthday sweet boy! Mama and Daddy love you so much. Thank you for making me a mama.

photo 1-4


Go see Jen!


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