Seven Quick Takes- A Day Late

1. Will’s sleep is just…no. He has started waking up again. It started with once a night, and then was up to three times a night. Little man, you are almost one. I just cannot have this. Having established that nothing is actually wrong, he just wants to party with his mom, the husband declared we are not going back down this path and we need to re-sleep train him. God help me. I do not have the fortitude for this. Sleep training makes me insane.

2. Along those lines, the other day he woke up at 1:00, 2:30, and then decided he was up for the day at 5:15. Awesome. After nursing and breakfast, I tossed him in the stroller and we went for a run. Because if you’re deliriously sleep deprived and don’t feel like listening to your child shriek at you across the living room, you might as well get a work out in. He was thrilled, as you can tell:

photo 5

Tough luck, kiddo. Try doing some sleeping and you won’t be in for quality time with the BOB at 6:30 am.

3. Given Will’s sleep striking lately, I haven’t been getting up at 5:00 to run. It just isn’t happening. There’s been a lot of stroller running. (I guess it’s a good thing the weather is cooling off so this is even an option?) While stroller running is not what I’d call the great love of my life, I have to admit it is making me a lot stronger. I despise looking at the pace on my Garmin while I’m pushing the stroller because it’s so depressing. However, on my run this morning (sans stroller), my pace was in the 9:xx for most of the 10 miles. That hasn’t happened since BW (before Will).

4. It’s fall festival season- I love me some good fall festivals. Last weekend we took Will to our neighborhood’s Fall Fest and he dug on the food trucks, especially the sugar laden lemonade we let him drink. He also enjoyed flirting with the ladies running the empanada truck we got our dinner from.

photo 2


5. His current favorite activities include chasing the dogs (which they just LOVE, as you might imagine), drinking from their water bowl, and playing tambourine with their food bowls.

photo 5photo 4photo 3

6. I know I am the only person in the world who cares about laundering cloth diapers (and other items), so bear with me here, but O.M.G. I’ve had a laundry breakthrough! I was getting some ammonia/stink issues with my diapers. I guiltily concluded that this was likely because I am cheap and don’t use the fancy “cloth diaper” detergent. I asked a question about bleaching in my local cloth diaper group on Facebook and someone referred me to the group Fluff Love & CD Science. This group is amazing! They’ve got all kinds of documents giving instructions for diaper stripping, bleaching, and washing. The documents explain the science behind laundry in general. In a nutshell, it’s not because I’m not using the CD detergent. In fact, those detergents don’t even actually clean your diapers adequately. But it is because I wasn’t using enough detergent. I am such a loser so excited about this stuff that I am going to write a whole post about it. Here’s the teaser

photo 3photo 4

I started off my stripping my sheets. And damn people, they look brand spanking new, white as the day I bought them.

7. Apparently the laundry obsession is genetic:


photo 1

photo 2











Have a great weekend! Go see Jen for more and better takes!


3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes- A Day Late

      1. So I’m back because I’m linking to this in my 7QT post tomorrow, ha! I stripped and bleached all my diapers yesterday and sure enough – nobody died and my diapers aren’t ruined! (I was so afraid of bleach.) I’m so excited that my diapers will be so clean all the time nowwww. I can’t wait to hear about all your stripping ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope you have before and after pics!!! I can’t wait to do towels, sheets, and unnawears.

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