I’m Quitting the Marathon

I’ve never registered for a marathon and not run it before. Even New York in 2009, which I was poorly trained for and knew it. But I’m not running Marine Corps in October. I kept waffling, going back and forth, and changing my mind. However, a 14 mile training run a couple of weeks ago sealed the deal. I was totally miserable after about 10 miles and had no motivation to finish the run. I did, but I basically shuffled through the last 4 miles.

In every training cycle, there are long runs that suck. But this training cycle, I haven’t had a long run yet that didn’t suck. And, I am a long run lover. I generally actually look forward to settling into the long run. It’s the speedwork- the tempos and intervals and repeats- that I hate. This time around, I’ve been dreading all the runs, long and slow, short and fast, and everywhere in between. Plus, I am just over the getting up, pumping before the run, leaving the bottle for the husband to feed Baby Will when he wakes up, trudge through the long run, etc.

When I made the decision not to run, even though I felt bummed about it, I also felt an enormous amount of relief, so I am pretty confident this is the right decision for me and my family right now. I really underestimated how much energy nursing a baby requires, and I underestimated how much time and energy are being consumed by our house renovation. Tripling the size of your house, putting a second floor on it, demo-ing the current garage and deck, and finding a rental to live in while you do it is actually pretty stressful. Who knew?

I’m still running, of course. My mental health requires it. I haven’t been going further than 9 miles or so since I made the decision to drop out and I have to say, I’m enjoying the freedom to only run as far as I want. I’m targeting an October half, but haven’t picked a race yet. Suggestions welcome! Preferably in the DC or Atlanta areas.

I hear the boss stirring in his crib so I better go fetch him before he lets me know of his displeasure with the lack of prompt service around this place.


7 thoughts on “I’m Quitting the Marathon

    1. Thanks! That’s what I keep telling myself. I was afraid if I didn’t run a marathon between every baby that I’d be done forever and never do it again. I’m realizing though, that it’s okay to put fulls on hold as long as I have really little people around and that I can come back to it when my life allows me to do so without it being a huge source of stress.

  1. Yeahhhh! I peaked at 12 miles. I haven’t blogged about it, but Will was scheduled to be TDY up until the day before the marathon and that was all I needed to throw in the towel. Solidarity!

  2. I agree with it sounding like the right decision. I’ve only ever ran a half (and only twice) but I can’t imagine training for a full with a child(ren).

      1. Thanks, Kelly. I read all these running blogs and some of these moms are running a full 6 weeks postpartum while exclusively breastfeeding and so I was all, “Oh I can TOTALLY run a full when Will is 11 months old.” Yeah….no. My body just isn’t cut out for it. Oh well. Hopefully I will do a full again one day when I do not have very little people around. And in the meantime, I’ll just keep running and enjoying my little person (which will hopefully be little people eventually), who is MUCH better than any marathon medal.

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