The Ritz-Carlton Guide to Babywearing

To recap: not really the crunchy type but kind of embracing a lot of crunchy parenting stuff because you know, it works.

If you think cloth diapers afford one the opportunity to spend money and time hunting down cute and highly desirable prints, wait ’til you dive into the world of babywearing. The two most popular carriers widely sold in mass market retail seem to be the Moby Wrap and the Ergo. I, ever the contrarian, don’t have either.

So, what carriers do I own?

1. A Boba 4G,

photo-29Will’s favorite food is pancakes. Making them while riding on Mama’s back? Yes, please!

This is an “SSC” or soft structured carrier, similar to the Ergo. SSCs are super easy to use, small learning curve, and Daddies seem to like them best.

2. A K’Tan,

I don’t think I have a picture of Will in the K’Tan, so here’s a stock photo. I wish my waist looked like this when I had a newborn. Or you know, ever.

This is a stretchy carrier like the Moby except instead of being a long wrap, it’s two interlocking loops that you nestle baby into. It’s pretty easy to use and not nearly as hot as a Moby. I liked it for keeping Will close and snuggled up to me when he was a newborn but like all stretchy carriers, it has a limited shelf life because as your little one gets heavier, it gets diggy and not supportive enough.

3. A Maya ring sling,

photo 1-8

The ring sling took me awhile to figure out how to use but once I got the hang of it, I really liked it. It’s nice for Mass because he can see out and look around, but it’s easy enough to get him in and out without standing in front of a mirror.

4. And two woven wraps. (Both my wovens are Oschas. I have the Braids Brighid in a size 6 and the Roses Kona in a size 4.) The woven wrap world is, as I’m discovering, a crazy place. And it’s also a place you can fall in love with many beautiful, expensive pretties and spend a lot of money. (I keep telling the husband that these are my professional tools and I need them. Much as he needs to have 3 million volumes of the tax code on our bookshelves. Ahem.)

photo 2-7 photo 3-3 photo 5

Buying your first woven wrap is totally overwhelming- blends, warps, wefts, colorways, sizes, etc. I am really not qualified to be giving advice on choosing a woven wrap. However, this post has some great pointers about selecting and purchasing your first wrap. (Veronique also has great posts that really explain the culture of babywearing like this one and this one.)

Learning to wrap with a woven take a bit of practice, but you do catch on pretty quickly. There are lots of good instructional videos on YouTube and if you have a local chapter of Babywearing International, you can get tons of help at a meeting.

People ask all the time what the best carrier is. The answer is, there isn’t one. It depends on you, your baby, your needs, etc. But if someone had a budget for two carriers I would recommend one SSC (Ergo, Boba, Tula, Kinderpack, etc.) and then one carrier better for newborns which could be a stretchy wrap, a ring sling, a woven wrap, etc.

Will is not a put-downable baby. Now that he’s older, he will play for a few minutes in an exersaucer or jumperoo, or with a toy in his Bumbo. But up until 2 months ago, no way. Hold me, Mama. All. the. freaking. time. So if I am ever going to get anything in this house cooked, cleaned, washed, put away, or fed, babywearing it is.

Since this is the Ritz-Carlton Guide to Babywearing, I feel like I need to show you what pretties I have my sights set on for acquisition next.

A Sakura Bloom silk ring sling:

Oscha’s Alto O’ahu wrap:

Oscha’s Starry Night Nebula wrap:

Now I just need to convince the husband that I am in dire need of expanding my, um,  professional library, right?



3 thoughts on “The Ritz-Carlton Guide to Babywearing

  1. That beach pic is straight perfection! I literally love everything about it, I cannot pick one thing. We have the generic Ergo and Moby, but now I want one of those pretty woven wraps!!

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