Answer Me This….And Take Me Back to the Beach

Answer Me This3

1. Beach or mountains? Where would you rather be?

I love them both.

I love looking at mountains rising in the distance, and it makes me understand where the author of Psalm 121 was coming from (I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills…).





But I also love the beach, the sound of the water, the feel of the sand under my feet, the salt water in the air (although not what the salt water in the air does to my hair).


Monterrey, CA


San Francisco (obviously)


St. Lucia


Rosemary Beach, FL

I think I have to say I love the beach more. Although what’s really ideal is someplace where the mountains just come dropping into the ocean. This was taken a few years ago in Big Sur. When I posted it on Facebook, people thought it was one of those fake backgrounds you can do at the mall or something but it’s real.


2. Which is more fun, Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?

Eve! I love the anticipation, the quiet waiting, the magical quality. My favorite Christmas Eve ever was in Assisi in 2012. For starters, there cannot be a better place to spend Christmas than the place in which the creche was “invented.” Okay, maybe Bethlehem, but barring that, there’s not a better place. On Christmas Eve, we took a car out to the hermitage on Monte Subiaso and attended Midnight Mass there with the Franciscan friars. After the Mass, the friars and sisters lift the baby Jesus doll into the air and process out to the presepe (nativity) in the middle of the woods, with the whole procession lit only by candlelight, and place Jesus in manger while everyone sings. When we returned to town and walked back to the hotel, the whole town was lit up with white Christmas lights and little presepe are arranged and tucked into every little nook and cranny around.

IMG_0408 IMG_0374

3. What’s the most embarrassing childhood outfit you remember wearing?

Hmmm. Well in kindergarten I had this sweatshirt with the image of an early computer screen (?) on it that said “heart heart love love heart heart love love” over and over. I wore that thing as often as my mom would wash it.

Although, I also had a deep and abiding love for the floral embroidered vest and I just asked the husband if the girls at his elementary school wore them. He didn’t know what I was talking about so I Google image searched it and his response was, “That looks like something the village women in Hungary wore when I studied abroad there.” So perhaps that was worse than the Heart Heart Love Love sweatshirt.

4. Your house is quiet, you don’t have to do work (housework included). What do you do?

Take a bath with a good book and a mug of tea.

5. What movie do you want to watch when you’re feeling under the weather?

Old Sex & The City episodes. Judge away.


Why yes, I am standing outside Carrie Bradshaw’s house. Which, incidentally, is not actually on E. 73rd St. (there are no brownstones on the Upper East Side, duh) but is in Greenwich Village.

6. Did you have an American Girl doll when you were little? If so, which one?

Yes! They had just come out and I had Samantha. At the time, I believe there were only three dolls in the collection; Samantha, Molly, and Kirsten. (My sister had Molly.)

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. We went to a first birthday party (where Will helped himself to tortilla chips- I’m sure my pediatrician would approve), made blueberry pancakes, took Will and the dogs for a long family walk, and had apps and wine at a friend’s house tonight.


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