Five Favorite Memories of my Condo


Last week, I wrote about selling my condo, home of so many happy memories. Here’s my five favorite (and be forewarned I had to recycle some photos):

1. July 4th

My friends and I ran the Peachtree Road Race (world’s largest 10k) that morning. The race is a basically a huge moving party, running down Peachtree Rd from Buckhead to Midtown. There are screaming spectators with signs, food, drinks, hoses spraying water, and general merriment the entire 6 miles. The finish line is literally three blocks from my condo. After the race, we walked back to the condo, changed into bathing suits, and jumped in the pool for the rest of the day.

Here’s the view of the pool from my front door.:


We decided to continue the party atmosphere at home.

pool with alexis

It was a great day of running, eating & drinking, laughing, and swimming.

2. Piedmont Park

Okay so yes, this is technically not one memory. But Piedmont Park is three blocks from the condo (it’s where the race finish was) and I spent a lot of time there. It is an absolutely gorgeous park hosting festivals, races, and concerts. When we were dating, the husband and I sat on the balcony listening to Coldplay one night. I have done more track workouts than I can count at the Active Oval, and taken the dogs to the huge dog park on many Sunday afternoons.

IMG_09463. Adopting Bradley

I adopted Bradley in the fall of 2009. On the day he came home, I had to carry him up the stairs to my third floor condo because he was afraid of the open stairs. (Not to worry, he was soon charging up them like he owned the place.) He has been such a faithful little companion to me. I feel guilty because of how little attention I have paid him since Will was born, but he loves Will. When I give Will a bath, Bradley lays over the bathroom threshold, facing out and guarding us.


4. Wine nights

A group of friends and I took turns hosting monthly wine nights with double blind tastings and accompanying tastes. Sometimes those tastes involved Girl Scout cookies and bacon wrapped brownies. Be jealous.

IMG_0709 IMG_0707 IMG_0718

Relax people, there were like 6 couples there. Here’s my favorite wine tasting of all, although it wasn’t located at my condo:


5. Meeting the husband

We were set up on a blind date and he picked me up at my condo. He even brought me flowers. When I introduced him to Bradley and Bradley was smitten, I knew he was a keeper.


I loved my little home, but I love this guy and our family more, so it was time to say goodbye.

photo 1-3



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