Answer Me This, From a Sort of Crybaby

Answer Me This3

1. Are you turning into your mother?

I don’t think so. We have similar temperaments though, so maybe I’m deluding myself. I can see both of my parents in me. When I was still teaching, I actually heard my mother coming out of my mouth regularly. But maybe when Will gets a little older I’ll be channeling her once again.

2. Coffee or tea?


I was never a coffee drinker until a couple of years ago. Then I quit cold turkey when I was pregnant and I have since taken it back up because a certain little cherub hates sleeping. Also, the husband is a total coffee snob and I like it much better now that he buys good beans, and freshly grinds and French presses it every morning.

I have been a tea drinker for a long time, maybe since high school? I love tea but prefer it in the afternoon or evening, especially on a rainy day. And since I’ve shown myself to be a caffeine fiend, let’s just add that my third caffeinated vice is Diet Coke. Sweet, sweet Diet Coke. I know you can strip a penny and are full of delicious chemicals and artificial ingredients but I do not care. Not even a little bit.


3. What foreign country would you like to visit?

Of the ones I’ve never been to, Greece. We talked about going for our honeymoon, but we got married in December and I really wanted to go to the beaches in Greece so we decided against it. It’s on our short list of places to go but the husband wants to keep it as a grown ups only trip and I don’t know when Will will be old enough for me to leave him for a week. So for now it’s just a wish.

Of the ones I have been to, Italy. It never gets old. This is the view from our hotel room in Assisi on Christmas morning:


I mean. Does it get any better than this? Seriously, in the morning the church bells would be ringing and little nuns would be walking to church and you could smell bread baking. Can I stay forever and ever amen please?

4. Do you cry easily?

I think I don’t cry easily about things people frequently do cry about it- when the husband proposed, when I got married, when I first held Will, etc. But I cry about Publix commercials and when I am disappointed or stressed. Also, I read this article in Runner’s World a month or so ago and it was written by a father talking about going for a long run when his son left for college and he said, “An entire childhood gone in the blink of an eye.” And now that I have a baby I keep thinking about that line and I get teared up thinking about my sweet baby boy growing up. Once something makes me cry, I get teary every time I think about it.

5. How often do you wear heels?

When I was working, all the time. Now? Only on date nights or to Mass. My favorite are pointy toe black heels.

christian-louboutin-Pumps-NIB-Black-268_03_LRGBut to Mass, I’m more likely to wear wedges than pumps.


6. Do you play an instrument?

No. I tried the clarinet and the violin in elementary school and was abysmal at both. My mother still likes to tell the story of how I used to set up my violin stand in the middle of the kitchen and start squeaking away. I kind of wish my mom had made me learn piano but I realize that the reality of paying for lessons and enforcing practice time on an instrument the child has no interest in is kind of a lot of aggravation for little return.


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