Figuring it out

I need to run. When I run at the start of the day, I am calmer, more peaceful, less stressed, and able to focus on the things I need to focus on. I know some people who think it is a selfish indulgence to do something everyday that is purely recreational, but I just don’t agree. Jenny talked about the importance of self-care in the physical realm and she’s right. We are body & soul and our bodies matter. We need to take care of them.

But, but….being a mama makes it a lot harder to take care of oneself. Especially in the physical realm. The needs of little people are so immediate, so urgent, and so demanding that it’s easier to constantly shove off my own needs to some unidentified future time. Before I had a baby, I ran before work pretty much every morning. And I had to be at work by 7:30. As in AM. So I was frequently up before 5 in order to have time to run, shower, dress, eat, and drive to work. Morning running is my preference.

But Will is 6 months old and still not sleeping through the night. Not even close. He goes to bed at 7ish and nurses at 10, 2, sometimes 5, and then gets up for the day at around 7. In order for me to run before he’s awake (which was what I’d envisioned before he was born), I’d have to hit the pavement after his 5 am feeding. Except at that point I’ve had a couple of 2.5 hour naps and I’m really freaking tired. So I’ve been brainstorming my options.

1. Run at 5:30.  Pros: Unless the husband is on a work trip, childcare is a non-issue. No missed time with Will. First thing in the morning is the best and most reliable time to work out. I feel so much better throughout the whole day if I run first thing. Summer in Georgia approaches and early morning running is pretty much the only way to go. Cons: So. Very. Tired. (Will does not nap other than a one hour morning nap, so napping during the day is not an option.) It’s dark and the husband is afraid a lunatic is going to get me.

2. Get up with Will at 7:00, nurse/change/dress him. Put him down for his nap at 8:15 and run while he fusses and cranks naps and the husband gets ready for work. Pros: It’s still fairly early. Allows for a little more sleep. No missed time with Will. Husband is home with Will. Cons: Doesn’t work if the husband has a conference call or needs to be in early or is traveling.

3. Run with Will in the BOB after his morning “nap.” Pros: No need for childcare. Doesn’t inconvenience the husband. Cons: Stroller running is a bitch from the 9th ring of hell. Weather dependent. It will be blazing hot at this point in the day very soon.

4. Buy a treadmill. Pros: Not weather dependent. I plan to buy one eventually anyway. Cons: Treadmill running is a bitch from the 4th ring of hell. Big initial cost. We have nowhere to put it, unless I give away our table. Literally.

5. Join a gym with childcare and run on a treadmill there. Pros: Not weather dependent. Pretty cheap. Childcare is provided. Cons: The 4th ring of hell again. I’d have to load Will in the car and take him to the gym to run. I’m not sure I trust the people in the gym childcare center (Hi, my name is Julia and I’m a first time mom.)

6. Run in the evenings after Will is in bed and we’ve had dinner. Pros: Husband is home with Will. Less inconvenient for him than the morning. Cons: It will actually happen approximately 20% of the time.

I guess I am leaning towards begging the husband to go with option 2 right now and reevaluate after a couple of weeks to see if it’s working. Thoughts? Helpful hints? Ideas I haven’t thought of?




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