I’m pretending I’m in Rome this weekend…

I’m so super jealous of Jenny that she not only got to go to the canonization, but also got a press pass. Her pictures make me homesick for Rome. Not that I’ve ever lived there, but you know….So, I decided to pretend we’re there with a little Italian dinner last night.

Yesterday morning, I finished my run at the farmer’s market and met the husband and baby Will there. We bought some fresh pasta from one of the vendors, Storico Fresco, and then I got this enormous bunch of fresh basil:

photo 1-2

for 99 cents. I know. At the grocery store, that much basil would cost $20 and not smell or taste nearly as good. Anyway, I decided to make a pesto for the pasta. We also grabbed some tomatoes and fresh mozzarella to make a caprese salad. The pesto came out pretty great, so I thought I would share what I did.

Fresh basil from the farmer’s market needs to be washed pretty well, because it’s got a lot of grit left on it. Then I pulled off about four cups of leaves (loosely packed). Here’s what four cups of basil looks like:

photo 2-2

When I started dinner, after putting Will down, I realized I didn’t have any pine nuts. And obviously only a fool gets a baby up to go buy pine nuts at 7 pm. I found some walnuts in the pantry so I chopped about about half a cup and toasted them in a pan.

photo 4

Then I grated a cup of parmesan cheese.

photo 3-1

Dump the basil, nuts, and cheese in the food processor. I ground up some black pepper on top and added some kosher salt (I didn’t measure them though). Cut a lemon in half and squeeze the juice from both halves into the food processor. I started grinding the ingredients and slowly poured in a cup of olive oil, a little at a time. Obviously, stop the food processor before you open up the lid to pour in olive oil. After tasting, I decided it needed a little more cheese so I grated up about 1/4 a cup more and dumped in it. Delicious! Here’s our dinner:


Being the little piggy that I am, I didn’t take a picture until after I’d had a bite.

PS- Try not to be too jealous of my iPhone photography skills. 🙂




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