Five Favorites- Favorite Blogs



The internet is a beautiful thing and a dangerous thing. There’s so much great stuff out there, and so very little spare time to spend reading it all. I read so many different types of blogs, and wanted to pick a favorite from each category.

Favorite Running Blog: NYC Running Mama

Michele is seriously a bad ass. She’s a West Point grad, a crazy fast runner, and mama to two little guys. She ran an ultra marathon while exclusively breastfeeding her oldest and completed an Ironman while exclusively breastfeeding her youngest. She has so much helpful information on breastfeeding and endurance sports. She also has super helpful reviews on the different BOB stroller models and advice for stroller running. She is much faster than I could ever dream of being, but I have learned a lot from her about running during pregnancy, running while breastfeeding, and general fitness stuff.


Favorite Catholic Blog: Mama Needs Coffee

Jenny is hilarious. I think she and I must have been at FUS at the same time but somehow never met. It’s a shame because she cracks me up and I want to be friends.

I’m so jealous she got to live in Rome. Although, Rome with toddlers might have been a somewhat different experience. One time she posted this amazing picture of their apartment balcony overlooking St. Peter’s. I can’t find it now but it was cool, you’ll have to take my word for it.

Favorite Parenting Blog: Catholic All Year

Okay, yes I know this is technically a Catholic blog too but whatever. Kendra writes a lot about parenting and managing a family so I’m cheating and putting it in this section. Her sleep training post assuaged my guilt, I read all her baby gear posts when I was registering for stuff for Will, and if I lived in LA, I would beg for an invite to one of her parties.

Favorite Design Blog: Pure Style Home

Lauren is a super talented designer and I’ve loved watching how she and her husband renovated their new home. I think the most amazing thing about the house is the “secret garden” outdoor shower they put in right outside their master bedroom.

Liess Home

I die. I would cut my right arm off for that shower. We had a similar one at the resort we stayed at on our honeymoon and it was amazing to take a shower looking at the stars at night. Yes, please.

My second favorite feature of her home is the kitchen garden.

Liess Home

I have a black thumb so this is not realistic for me, but I love the idea of growing our own produce and picking our salad right before dinner time.

If I still lived in the DC area and had the budget for a full service designer, I would die to have Lauren do my home.

Favorite Food Blog: Simply Scratch

Laurie’s recipes are fantastic. They’re made with real food and span lots of different cuisines and types of food, but are within reach of a home cook and she doesn’t use a million crazy ingredients you can’t find without going to 5 different specialty stores.

Some of our favorites have been the Beef Satay with Spicy Peanut Dipping Sauce:


The Lemon + Herbes de Provence Baked Chicken:


And, her Strawberry Buttermilk Pancakes:


Go make the pancakes right now. You won’t be sorry. 🙂


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