7 Quick Takes

1. Race completed! It may have been the slowest half marathon I’ve ever run (2:51, I think). Or it might be second slowest. Vegas RNR Half a few years was REAL slow, for completely different reasons. Reasons having less to do with a new baby and too little sleep and more to do with lots of cocktails and too little sleep. Another race where that was a problem was Mardi Gras RNR Half in NOLA. I don’t recommend drinking drive thru daquiris all day the day before running a half marathon. Ahem. Anyway, I feel like we’ve gone a bit astray here. The point is, I did not want to die. I had fun. I saw friends cheering along the Publix GA Half Marathon course, my favorite part of running a race in my own city.


2. Also, kind of by accident I switched to using Honey Stinger Waffles for fuel (because I ran out of my GU Chomps) and ohmygosh they are so delicious I would eat them just for the hell of it, which is saying a lot because most fuels make me nauseous. The husband and Will met me at the finish line so Will could have his second breakfast, stat. All around good race, good day,

3. The condo. The infernal condo. Before I met my husband, I lived in my condo. When we got married, I moved into the house he owns. Long story short, we can’t rent the condo due to HOA restrictions. We couldn’t sell it because it had lost so much value in the years since I bought it. It has been an enormous cash drain. We finally decided to sell this spring because some of the value has come back and we are busting at the seams in our tiny house with a baby and two dogs and we need to free up the cash to buy a larger home. It went under contract almost immediately- yay! The appraiser was there today and we are praying it appraises (which we’re nervous about) so we can be done and go to closing. I am nostalgic and sad about selling it. It was mine. I bought it. I lived there alone. Well sort of- my cocker spaniel, Bradley, lived there too. I had fun there. I met my husband living there. But I know that we are never going to move our family back into a one bedroom, one bath condo and it’s time to sell. St. Joseph – pray for us and inspire the appraiser, please!

4. My parents came to visit last weekend. They had so much fun playing with Will and the husband and I enjoyed dinner out at our favorite Indian restaurant.

5. Will continues to hate sleeping. No napping unless I wear him. Sometimes he’ll sleep in the stroller or car but it’s a toss up. After a few nights of him getting up every 45 minutes, the husband and I had a serious talk about sleep training. I am loathe to let him CIO, but we didn’t know what else to do. We tried the No-Cry Sleep Solution (which I refer to as the sleep equivalent of all-natural, organic, non-toxic, botanically based cleaning products- it sounds good but doesn’t work). We tried the Sleep Lady Shuffle. No dice. Last night we finally decided to try Dr. Weissbluth’s method from Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy ChildWe started last night. I had to get in the shower so I couldn’t hear him because it upset me so much. But he cried much less than I’d anticipated and woke fewer times during the night. I am bracing myself for him to cry longer tonight but hopeful that he will “get it” quickly and start sleeping.

6. My MIL is going to watch Will for a few hours in the afternoon tomorrow so the husband and I can have a day date. He loves the movies, so we may go see Divergent or Noah. Also up for consideration, lunch and walking around somewhere.

7. I’ve been reading Quick Takes for a few years now- kind of fun to do my own! 🙂



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