Running & Racing- With a Baby

About four and a half months ago, the sweet little love of my life, Baby Will, was born.


He is so stinking cute I can’t stand it. Moving on. Little love that he is, his arrival (and actually, even before that, his gestation) kind of threw my running for a loop. And by that, I mean it completely destroyed my whole get-up-at-5-am-and-run-before-the-day-starts routine. When I was pregnant, I was just so tired I couldn’t run at 5:00 and make it through the whole day at work. Also, I needed to pee every tenth of a mile or so and very few establishments are open at 5:00 am.

Will is not really what you’d call “into” the whole sleeping thing, which kind of makes it difficult to return to the 5:00 am run just yet, since at 5:00 am I’ve usually had a few 2-hour catnaps. During the week, I have been pushing him in the BOB for short weekdays runs, which often turn into run-walks because pushing that thing is a lot harder than it looks. On Saturday mornings, Will and Daddy take a trip to the farmer’s market so I can do a real run.

For the first couple of months after he was born, I was gasping my way through short 3 mile runs and couldn’t make it without walk breaks, even at a pace I had considered an easy, recovery pace before. (And trust me, if I consider it an easy pace, most people would consider it a geriatric pace.) Then one Saturday when Will was about 3 months old, I just kind of ran 4.5 miles without walking or feeling like I was dying. So I decided that maybe I could run the Publix Georgia Half Marathon I’d signed up for after all. It hasn’t exactly been an ideal training cycle, or even a real training cycle at all. But last Saturday morning, I ran 11 (slow) miles. This Sunday is the race. No real time goals; just finish and not want to die. The husband is bringing Will to the finish line so he can have his (second) breakfast as soon as I finish. This is my first post-baby race, and I can’t wait to see my boys waiting for me at the end!



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