I Camp At The Ritz

I’ve never actually stayed at the Ritz, but I’ve eaten there and had drinks there so that counts, right?!?


The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi

Once upon a time, I was telling a friend that my roommate wanted to go camping, an activity I’ve never had any desire to partake in. My friend responded, “Ugh. Did you tell her, ‘I camp at the Ritz’?”It was such a great line, that I had to resurrect it years later when my camping loving husband asked me (on multiple occasions) to go camping. The first time I said it, he just stared at me. “Keira taught me that,” I proudly shared. “Great. Please thank Keira for me.” Clearly he was thrilled.

So maybe this blog is the story of what happens when someone who camps marries someone who camps at the Ritz (or wishes she did anyway). Most likely, it will be a combination of marriage, motherhood, faith, food, running, reading, culture, and whatever happens to strike my fancy.

Thanks for stopping by!



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